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Multiple Streams of Income


Hello gems and welcome back! I hope everyone has had a good week. Today I want to talk about two topics. This blog-post will seem a little an over the place. And some of you won’t understand the correlation between these two topics, simply because there isn't one. I just want to have a little discussion.

Let’s talk about the American Dream. The American Dream is defined as an idea that every U.S. citizen has an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work as well as upward social mobility.

“I often feel like society tells you to get a college education so that you can get a high paying job. How can I achieve the American Dream if they don't want to give me the instructions on how to achieve the American Dream.” ~Anonymous

Just to be clear, getting a college education and getting a job is not the only way to achieve the American Dream. It's just ONE way to achieve the American dream. If you haven't figured it out, the top 1% of the population knows something you don't. Even if you do not aspire to get rich everyone wants to be able to live a comfortable life that suits them the best. Some people say that American Dream is irrelevant to their life. Guess what? This concept has been shoved down your throat since your first day of school. The values of the American Dream will be in your life whether it is said explicitly or subconsciously. Of course, people are changing and the world is changing. For instance, America has had some majors issues relating to minimum wage, student loan debt, credit card debt, the Housing market crashing which caused the 2008 recession, financial institutions doing unethical practices, and etc. With all this economic mess, it may seem absolutely impossible to achieve the American Dream.

Unfortunately, getting a job will not ensure you will make enough money to pay your bills and survive either. I would like to introduce the concept of having multiple streams of income. Please don't think I'm telling you not to get a second job I'm just telling you not to depend on one. The key word there one. Stop putting all your eggs in one basket. There are people who lose their jobs and quit all the time. Especially after the Great Recession people are learning that just because you have been with a company for more than 10 years that doesn't guarantee you job security. Economic recessions will never go away. They will continue to come every so often so please don't think that you won't live through another one.

You can ask anyone who has a job and they will tell you that they don't get paid enough money. Or instead ask yourself, do you think you deserve more money? If your answer is "Yes!" Then why don't you do something to change that. You are only limited to how much money you make. So if you are only making minimum wage you are only limited to what you make. Imagine If you had a side hustle or multiple streams of income, your limits would be greater.

Fact: The average wealthy individual has more than one income stream.

Ways to increase income:

1. Real estate 2. Starting your own business ( monetizing your passion or hobby) 3. Uber/Lyft (everyone has a different experience, I have heard that people make money and some don't. Please proceed with caution) 4. Investing in the stock market ( there are many ways, with risk there can be reward or loss. Again please proceed with caution) 5. Blogging!!!!!!!

These are some of the ways you can increase your income that I have personally experienced or come across people in my life who have experience in these options.

If you don't take anything from this blog post just please remember this. I'm not telling you to go out and get another job. I'm not telling you to work twice as hard or work 24/7. I'm telling you to find a way to generate income by thinking smarter.

Anyway, shine bright my beautiful gems!

Thank you all for reading and the support! All feedback is welcome! Please  like, comment and share with your friends and family!

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